What is a GSM Jammer?

A GSM jammer is an electronic device that can temporarily disrupt any cell phone signals that are in a close enough area to the jammer. GSM jammers are often used by the military and law enforcement officials to either stop or control cell phone communication during disputes or threatening situations. With cell phone use spreading almost everywhere and more people growing tired of being subjected to other people’s personal conversations, some municipalities are considering whether to begin jamming cell phone use in some restricted areas.

How a GSM Jammer Works

Cell phones communicate with a service network through cell towers. Cell towers are placed in specific places to provide service to small areas. As a cell phone is moved between these areas, the towers pass off the signals. A GSM jammer transmits on the same airwaves that cell phones do. When the jammer is activated, it is able to disrupt the signal between the cell phone and the nearest tower. Because the GSM jammer and the cell phone use the same frequency, they effectively cancel the other signal.

How GSM Signal Jammers Are Made

A GSM jammer is usually a very simple device with typically only a switch to turn it on and off, a light to show that it is working and an external antenna to send the signal. If the jammer is more sophisticated, it might include controls to set the jamming for varied frequencies or strengths. Small GSM jammers are usually powered by batteries. Often, the batteries are even the same as cell phone batteries. Larger GSM jammers are electrically powered.

GSM Blocker Range

GSM jammers typically have a range of between 50 and 80 feet. This means that they will only successfully jam cell phones that are within this range. As soon as the cell phone travels out of range, the signal will return and you can again use the phone. More sophisticated cell phone jammers might have larger ranges, typically associated with higher power (wattage) jammers.

GSM Blocking Uses

GSM Signal Blocker image

Some buildings, prisons, businesses, offices and churches are now beginning to utilize strong GSM jammer equipment that are mounted on a wall or a ceiling. These GSM jammers are generally housed in small metal boxes and are quite inconspicuous. GSM jammers like this can effectively make cell phone use impossible within the building.

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